"Civil society: A multi-layered concept ", Current Sociology (October, 2014)

Víctor Pérez-Díaz, "Civil society: A multi-layered concept ", Current Sociology (October 2014)
Civil Society in a broad sense

October 2014

An article by Víctor Pérez-Díaz has been published in issue no. 6 of volume 62 of Current Sociology.


Civil society: A multi-layered concept

Víctor Pérez-Díaz

Analistas Socio-Políticos, Spain


This article analyses the connections between social developments and the evolution of the theory of civil society (CS) (classical background, semantic shifts, re-emergence and open questions regarding future research). The author distinguishes four layers of meanings of CS and focuses on selected research areas of CS qua associations (third sector, social capital, public sphere, civility). The aim is to provide access points and a frame of reference, and to emphasize the need for a culture-centered perspective, for a wide debate on a problematic in flux.


This article is a revised version of the article of the same title published in Sociopedia (October 2011).